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  Dec 2013 - Jasinthan's Ummai Mattum (single)

Jasinthan Jasinthan is a Tamil singer songwriter based in Canada. He has released 2 Tamil albums Niraivan Parisu 1 and 2 and in late 2013 released "Ummai Mattum" please watch Ummai Mattum on youtube.

  August 2013 - DJ Rancati instrumental single composed a dance genre instrumental for the Italian DJ Rancati. More info will be added when the material is released.

  April 2013 - Tributo alla Madre (single) with Fabio Fratti collaborated with lyricist/songwriter Fabio Fratti to make a Tribute to Mothers in Italian language. Please watch the video Tributo alla Madre.

  Dec 2012 - Billy's single

Billy Yesudian Billy Yesudian is an Indian rapper and songwriter who is known for his unique blend of Indian and Hip hop music. did the vocals on a single to be released later.