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  Agape - Bro Prabu

Agape CD     Bro. Prabu’s first Tamil Christian worship album is AGAPE. The album has 8 song tracks, six of them are brand new, written by Bro. Prabu as ministered to him by the Holy Spirit.

The album is distributed by Music Mindss India

  Senaigalin Karthar - Bro Sam Jacobs

Senaigalin Karthar   Bro Sam Jacobs first album Amen Yesuvae vaarum was about the second coming of Christ and now Shepherds in Christ presents Bro Sam Jacobs’ second musical coming Senaigalin Karthar recorded in India, Italy and US. More info

  Niraivana Parisu 2- For you alone - Jasinthan

Niraivana Parisu 2 CD Jasinthan is back with a new album, featuring various musicians and also singers like Sis. Nancy, Bro. Albert, Sis Arpana, Angel and Billy. It also features the first song that Josiah has sung in Tamil language. More info

  Amen Yesuvae Vaarum- Bro Sam Jacobs

Amen Yesuvae Vaarum CD A Tamil CD about the 2nd coming of Jesus featuring songs by Bro. Sam G. Jacobs and also 3 songs by Sis. Navaroji. Recorded in India, Italy and USA with music produced by For more info/song clips, please visit the Amen Yesuvae Vaarum page

  Psalms revisited- Pr. Mano featuring various artists

Psalms revisited CD Pr. Mano has this vision of recording the Psalms in all languages. For the English version Josiah has composed and arranged the 1st ten Psalms and this unique album is set to be released very soon. Featuring musicians and singers from UK, Lithuania, USA, India and Italy. For More info visit the Psalms page

  Asai - Bro. Solomon

Asai CD 10 Beautiful Tamil worship songs by an anointed worship leader and evangelist from Sivakasi, India. Music was arranged by Josiah and produced on the internet being recorded in India and Italy. Musicians and Backing vocalists: Josiah Heflin, Toni Pergreffi, Alessio R, Nathan, Daniel Christian, Maxyn, Samcy, Nesamani, Sathya and Keba. For more info/song clips, please visit the Asai page

  Niraivana Parisu - Jasinthan

Niraivana Parisu CD Niraivana Parisu-by Jasinthan:

is a unique project as it was recorded on 3 continents without the singer and music producer ever having spoken to each other till the live radio interview on AmenFM Please check out the video (1 minute and 26 seconds) on the right. For more info/song clips, please visit the Niraivana Parisu page

  Earlier Production done in Josiah's Channels of Love, India

Some of the Productions done at Josiah's Channels of Love before he moved to Italy. The link will be updated in the future.

  Online Production

   The albums produced online by are listed on the left. Please visit the links to hear samples and do support the artists by buying their CDs. These are the productions done online since 2009. We don't have access to all the productions done while in Chennai. A few of them can be found in the Other CDs link

Solomon   "Great music arrangement which highlighted the lyrics and tune. I am still wondering how we managed to record musicians in both India and Italy without leaving our countries" - Eva. Solomon ( Worship Leader / Songwriter- Asai Holy Gospel Music, India )

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  Samples from different online productions

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