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    Some of the frequently asked questions

Would the recording quality be equal to that of a recording done in a studio?

    Yes... does online music production, technically this is not an online recording as there is no streaming involved of the signal to be recorded (of the instrument). The instrument recordings are done in small to medium sized professional recording studios in India and Italy under the supervision of Josiah. The files are then transferred. Even when the voice recordings are done in the home studios, Josiah provides assistance to ensure the quality is not compromised.

Can I ask for a change in arrangement?

    Absolutely! You need to be happy and not just satisfied with the music. No additional fees will be asked, but the additional costs incurred for effecting the changes like musician fees, studio hire etc... will need to be met.

Who will the musicians be?

    Mostly session musicians in the Chennai music industry are used. They are some of the best in South India and some of them have played for the likes of A.R.Rahman and Illayaraja. Some musicians in Italy and other countries can also be used when requiring western instruments

What is your preferred form of communication?

    Email. There are lesser chances of missing out (forgetting sounds bad :) ) indications or misunderstanding them

Mixing and Mastering what is the difference?

    Mixing and mastering are both parts of the recording process.
Mixing: While recording a song you might record many tracks of instruments and vocals. You mix it down to a stereo file or a multi channel surround track by adding the right levels of the tracks based on how loud you want that track to sound in the mix.
Mastering is a process where you take the different songs in the album and make them more cohesive with each other in the album. For example you don’t want one song in your album to sound very loud and the next to be barely audible.

What are your rates?

For rates please send an email(or use the contact form) briefly describing your needs to the address in the lower right hand side of this page.

What is the best time to call you?

    From 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Italian time. The Italian time zone is +1 GMT. I will call you back if I am not able to pick up the call at the time you call.
Note DST:- in the European Union (and many other places) from last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October we follow the daylight saving time (DST). In DST the clock is moved one hour forward with respect to the legal time, effectively moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.
   Italian time is 3 and half hours behind Indian time during summer and 4 and half hours behind during winter.

The time seems too long?

    Co-ordination across different time zones takes up its time. Added that to the fact that we try to do our best and that can involve numerous corrections and improvements.....

Would you send a physical master CD?

    We usually send a digital master online but you could request a physical master if you need.

I am an independent artist can you arrange for CD distribution in India?

    We can only suggest some good companies who do it, but it is upto them to decide on whether they should take your CD for marketing/distribution.

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