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    The greatest advantage of living in modern times is that the distances no longer “exist”. We can now record in India living in Canada, Italy or wherever.

The advantages of an online music production are
  • Possibility to use talent in distant lands
  • Possibility to have access to instruments not available in vicinity
  • Reduced costs without travel expences
It can have a few disadavantages
  • Longer times of production due to various factors like communication and co-ordination across different time zones, etc
  • Communication through email (if that is a disadvantage)
  • Currency conversion fluctuations
  • Not being physically present during the recordings

  The Objective

  The objective is to record great sounding music at a low break-even cost. To achieve this we use a blend of live and programmed music. The live session musicians add life to music and it is preferable to have atleast 2 live Instruments. The some of the various options are Bansuri (Indian Bamboo flute), Sitar, Veena, Tablas and Dilruba among others.... read more about Indian music and some of the instruments.

   It would be also nice to be able to have a great time making the disk while producing something which listeners would love :)

  The various phases during the production of an album

  Phase 1: Pre planning:

  This is the phase where the target audience, song styles and budget are agreed upon.
There are 2 cases
  1. The client already has the songs he wants to record
  2. He would like even the songs to be composed.
The client sends tracks/songs/video (if available) and explains what he needs. In the 2nd case he would indicate albums/songs and genres which he likes.

  Phase 2: Laying down the song structure:

Piano   The music are arranged. An advance to cover the costs of the musician fees and studio hire is paid. Then the most important components of the music are recorded to give the possibility to do the voice tracking. This is also divided into 2 sub phases at times. This is the longest and a very important phase.

  Phase 3: Voice:

Mixer   The vocals and then the backing vocals are recorded. We can hire out studios in your town to record the vocals.
  Alternately Josiah can provide assistance to set up a home studio and can record in remote in your home studio. Bro. Prabu’s Home studio was set up during the production of the Agape CD. He was new to audio software/home studio-setup before this. Hear for yourself if you can spot out any difference in voice quality. Listen to samples from Agape here.

  Phase 4: Mixing

Mixer   The final touches/additional instruments are added and then the production is mixed. The studio master will be sent via internet to the client. “.mdf” or “.nrg” format or “.wav” as requested. A set of tracks without vocals will also be mixed and uploaded.

   Phase 5: Mastering (Optional)

  Mastering can be done but needs to be agreed on beforehand. The final master will be given again in “.mdf” or “.nrg” format or “.wav” .

  The time frame

  The time frame varies from project to project. An album of 10 songs takes on an average about a month to month and half to complete at an unhurried pace. The minimum time required would be 15 days.

  Payment terms:

  The budget needs to be agreed on before hand. As it is customized for every project based on the needs and target audience it cannot be elaborated in this overview.
  The payments would be sent to India as most of the recordings happen there. They can be sent in 2 or 3 instalments if need be.
  All additional costs incurred due to the changes in the proposed song arrangement like musician fees and studio hire should be met by the client.

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