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Asai CD

Asai- Bro Solomon (Sivakasi, India)

10 Beautiful Tamil worship songs which will uplift your soul; composed and sung by Bro Solomon, an anointed worship leader and evangelist from Sivakasi, India. Music was arranged and produced by Josiah on the internet with recordings in India and Italy.

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Musicians and backing vocalists : Josiah Heflin, Toni Pergreffi, Daniel Christian, Ramu, Keba Jeremiah, Nesamani, Sathya, Maxyn & Samsy
Recording Engineers | Samson (Seventh Sound Studio) Emilio Pirola (Pota Rock Studios) Boaz (AB studios) & Josiah Heflin
Cover Design | Wilson E. Paul
Marketed by Vedu (Holy Gospel Music)

  Bro Solomon

   Bro Solomon is an anointed singer and worship leader from Sivakasi, India. He ministers around the world and his songs are powerful.

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