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Psalms revisited vol 1 CD

Psalms revisited- Pastor Mano (Canada)

    Pastor Mano has a vision to record the book of Psalms in various languages. They have been recording the book of Psalms in Tamil, Telugu and other languages. check out for more info

All Music produced and composed by Josiah Heflin;
except Psalm 7 and Psalm 10 which were composed and produced by Josiah Heflin and Duncan Parsons
The Trumpet interlude on Psalm 9 was composed and arranged by Mihai Sarohan

Vocals - Maxyn Kingston, Timmy Madhukar, Josiah and Enoch

Duncan Parsons Backing vocals - Samcy Phillip , Maxyn, Josiah and Elena

Keyboards - Josiah, Daniel Christian, Duncan Parsons and Mihai Sorohan

Percussion - Tony Per, Josè de Santos and Josiah

Guitars - Duncan, Mihai, Josiah & John Michael

Flute and Clarinet - Nathan

Mihai Sorohan Trumpet - Mihai Sorohan

Bass - Edoardo, Josiah and Daniel

Tabla and Konnakol - Christian (Kutty)

Recording - Samson, Emilio and Josiah

Maxyn, Timmy Madhukar, Danny  and Nathan