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Senaigalin Karthar

Senaigalin Karthar- Bro Sam Jacobs

    Bro Sam G. Jacobs and the Shepherds in Christ are pleased to present their 2nd Tamil CD Senaigalin Karthar ((The Lord of Hosts in English) This CD contains 10 inspired songs. The album was recorded in India, Italy and USA

   Bro. Sam is the CEO of Shepherds in Christ a Christian charitable organisation.
  For more information on their ministry please visit the website

Melchi Evangelical will handle the worldwide marketing and distribution

Keyboards Ramu & Daniele
Rhythm Box: Davidson Raja
Indian Percussion : Venkat
Guitars Keba, Jax and Josiah
Veena : Devi
Flute and Sax Nathan
Other Ethnic Instruments Sounder
Backing vocals: Maxyn and Samcy
Voice: Don, Stella, Jerome and Brian
Production: Kamalesh and Stella
Sound: Samson(India), Rubens de mello(US), Emilio and Josiah (Italy)