I try to do my stuff on my own. I play most of the tracks on my songs, even excluding music, I work on my websites, video productions, graphic design and even screen printing. This is due to availability and costs, doing it myself I have complete control over the direction and time schedules while keeping the costs down. Sometimes people like what I do and ask me to help them out also with stuff other than music.

Video productions

In the aftermath of the positive press coverage for the video "Nigher", I was contacted to do a year long documentary on Maize research by an Italian government funded research institution. Excerpts of this documentary were also aired in the " Geo e Geo " programme on "Rai" Italian National TV.

I have edited and produced videos for various local events.

Josiah Photography

Websites and Graphics

Occasionally I also do websites and graphics for mostly for artists for whom I work as a producer. I guess it is easier for them to hand it all over to one guy or maybe I am so likeable :)

I have learnt HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript over the years, but usually start with templates and tinker with them to get what I like. At present I use pixelarity, I think they provide great value for the cost.


Though I'm Indian my first language is English. It is the language I am most comfortable reading, talking or writing in. I live in Italy so get requests to translate documents and websites to English. Some years back I went for a job interview. I wasn't hired but got hired to do translations for them. Life is amusing.

In the past I have also translated to and from Hindi and Tamil in collaboration with others.