Thin film coatings

Thin film coatings are used in a variety of industries like Semi-conductors, Optics, Lighting, Automobile, Space Research and many more. The company I work in specializes in Lighting and Optics but also works for other industries as well.


From Music to Thin film coatings

I have a degree in Engineering but I worked as a music producer, owning a small recording studio in Chennai, India. When I moved to Italy in 2004, I got a job in a Thin film coating company mainly because of English being my first language. I developed an interest in the Technology and increased my knowledge through courses and personal studies. I was also helped in my research by our R & D Director and subsequently was moved to the R & D department as an Engineer.

I have worked with DC Magetron Sputtering and Ion Beam Evapouration technologies. I use Essential Macleod to help me with coating designs and to reverse engineer. I also use Python, R and Data Science to analyze machine and production statistics to improve production efficiency and also during process development.