Channels of Love studios

I had a small recording studio in Chennai, India, where I composed and recorded music for Independent albums, Jingles for TV and Radio and background scores for TV programmes. I have had the fortune of having been involved in the production of some of the biggest selling Tamil language albums. I have worked on albums by Father Berkmans, Isaac Joe, Freddy Joseph to name a few and for organisations like Bible Society of India, Jesus Calls and F.M.P.B.

Josiah with Father Berkmans

Before setting up my own studio, I had been the Chief Audio Producer for Jesus Calls Studios. At that time Jesus Calls aired over 30 TV and Radio programmes each week, in addition to releasing multiple DVDs and CDs each year.

Italy and the birth of online music productions

In 2004 I moved to Italy and started a career in the Thin Film Coating Industry. I loved the challenges in my new work but in my free time I continued to write and record my own songs, till..... the day I got an email from someone from Canada who had loved my work from my days in India. He asked me if I still did music productions. A couple of emails later < online music production was born. I made a simple video about that in the following youtube clip.