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IMG Music Promotions Inc : New Land is fresh and inventive. What makes this unique is that the music is not boxed in within barriers of genre or classification. This bold work speaks from heart. Production is impressive as  is  the vocals as Josiah easily works a groove from one style to another.

A. Longville (Cross Rhythms) : ...all together NewLand's an interesting dish that Josiah serves up.

Rampert Ratnaiya : You have left a very high benchmark through your album (for quality of songwriting as well as for musicianship and also for arranging)

Joseph McCombs (Starpolish Music Critic) : Josiah Heflin draws from the entire world of music, with intriguing results. Sitar gives way to a 1990 Madchester beat and crunching guitar riffing on the unusual “Snake Alert,” its disparate elements blending surprisingly well. “Just Pretend” takes some risks in its assembly; it’s Tears for Fears over a Swing Out Sister groove and couldn’t be more dissimilar from “Snake Alert.”


John Caleb, Madurai: New Land is entirely different with fusion music being the highlight of the album

Jacob Paapa Kwesi Villars, Ghana: Josiah,Jack truly loves your music hope u might visit Ghana someday

Ferdinando, Italy: Pezzi molto vari e sempre di ottima qualità, è una continua sorpresa ascoltarli. Ben riuscita anche la mescolanza di sonorità occidentali e indiane. Un interessante caleidoscopio musicale...

Lisa T. USA: I really, really loved some of the songs; the different sounding ones like the celtic, yodelling and the Indian ones.Snake Alert, Just pretend, One and He is my God, they're coool.

Naveen, India: "New Land" rocks! Your yodeling is the best I've heard, the other tracks are amazing too.

Bijoy, India: I am an artist from India. I heard your songs. I am in love with them. They are really superb and great and highly innovative.

Caterina Talarico, Italy: Ho ascoltato il suo CD e mi é piaciuto molto. Josiah é un musicista molto bravo, ha una mentalita elastica nel passare da uno stile all'altro con molto facilita.

Billy Yesudian: This album IS really, really cool. I like the way Josiah uses different instruments (some very rare ones) & his voice to create a world of different colors & textures. I also like the way Josiah makes the music and the lyrics meet somewhere... where you can almost "see the song". "Stop Running" & "He is My God" are my favorites.

Praveen Chrispugg: Great work. Many of my friends and musicians in UK listen to these songs and inspired by the fusion of western and Hindustani.

  Some songs from New Land and Channels of Love

  New Land

New Land
Snake Alert (from the album New Land) #1 in the Indie-Music spiritual charts
New Land is a collection of 15 eclectic tracks

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