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IMG Music Promotions Inc : New Land è fresca ed inventiva. La musica non inscatolata dentro delle barriere del genere o della classificazione rende unico questo CD. Questo lavoro viene dal cuore. La produzione è di alta qualità, come le voci e Josiah salta facilmente da uno stile ad un altro. .

Ferdinando, Bergamo: Pezzi molto vari e sempre di ottima qualità, è una continua sorpresa ascoltarli. Ben riuscita anche la mescolanza di sonorità occidentali e indiane. Un interessante caleidoscopio musicale...

Caterina Talarico, Italy: Ho ascoltato il suo CD e mi é piaciuto molto. Josiah é un musicista molto bravo, ha una mentalita elastica nel passare da uno stile all'altro con molto facilita.

A. Longville (Cross Rhythms) : ...all together NewLand's an interesting dish that Josiah serves up.

Joseph McCombs (Starpolish Music Critic) : Josiah Heflin draws from the entire world of music, with intriguing results. Sitar gives way to a 1990 Madchester beat and crunching guitar riffing on the unusual “Snake Alert,” its disparate elements blending surprisingly well. “Just Pretend” takes some risks in its assembly; it’s Tears for Fears over a Swing Out Sister groove and couldn’t be more dissimilar from “Snake Alert.”


John Caleb, Madurai: New Land is entirely different with fusion music being the highlight of the album

Jacob Paapa Kwesi Villars, Ghana: Josiah,Jack truly loves your music hope u might visit Ghana someday

Lisa T. USA: I really, really loved some of the songs; the different sounding ones like the celtic, yodelling and the Indian ones.Snake Alert, Just pretend, One and He is my God, they're coool.

Naveen, India: "New Land" rocks! Your yodeling is the best I've heard, the other tracks are amazing too.

Bijoy, India: I am an artist from India. I heard your songs. I am in love with them. They are really superb and great and highly innovative.

Billy Yesudian: This album IS really, really cool. I like the way Heffy uses different instruments (some very rare ones) & his voice to create a world of different colors & textures. I also like the way Heffy makes the music and the lyrics meet somewhere... where you can almost "see the song". "Stop Running" & "He is My God" are my favorites.

Praveen Chrispugg: Great work. Many of my friends and musicians in UK listen to these songs and inspired by the fusion of western and Hindustani.

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  New Land

New Land
Aprile 2011- il brano "Snake Alert" (dal cd New Land) risulta #1 nella classifica Indie-Music, nel genere spiritual

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