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    "Christmas season is a joyous season with decorated trees, lights and gifts....but did the birthday baby get His gift? Not your usual Christmas song download it free here A Gift for Jesus (mp3) on just one condition; that you give Jesus a gift... Can be a donation to a Charitable organization of your choice, buying a homeless guy a cup of tea or by just offering your seat to an old woman in the bus. Find the Jesus in disguise near you :)

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   If you are loking for a Charity organization to support Please do visit
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Paraniputhur, Chennai-602 101, India
Phone: +91-44-2476 7763 / 6530

  I am not related to them in any way, other than being a witness to the labour of love they continue to do for more than 15 years
New Land

  New Land

New Land is fresh and inventive. What makes this unique is that the music is not boxed in within barriers of genre or classification. This bold work speaks from heart. Production is impressive as  is  the vocals as Josiah easily works a groove from one style to another
-IMG Music Promotions Inc

    "Genre-lly unpredictable and melodically catchy" is what is said of his music. Josiah Heflin is an Indian singer songwriter, now based in Bergamo, Italy. His music can be pop, rock, rap, country or world; or a mix of all these.

   Apart from composing and recording his own music Josiah has also been producing music online at since late 2009, please check out the online music productions

   Joseph McCombs (Starpolish Music Critic) : Josiah Heflin draws from the entire world of music, with intriguing results. Sitar gives way to a 1990 Madchester beat and crunching guitar riffing on the unusual “Snake Alert,” its disparate elements blending surprisingly well. Read what people have to say about Josiah's music

  Some songs from New Land and Channels of Love

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  Channels of Love

Channels of Love
Rampert Ratnaiya : You have left a very high benchmark through your album (for quality of songwriting as well as for musicianship and also for arranging). Read some other comments